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May 28, 2006 by Martin Eden
Gamespot has an article about making your Windows XP computer look like it's running Vista. It mentions Windowblinds as well as other Stardock products.
May 21, 2005 by Martin Eden
I've created a new BootSkin (nearly ready to upload to WinCustomize - just wait a few more days!).
The files that make it up (the background, progress bar, and ini file) come to about 150KB.
As well as this, most of the .bootskins available on WinCustomize seem to be between 10-100KB.
However, when I selected "Export selected skin to file.." in BootSkin I ended up with a .bootskin
file 2.32 MB in size. Any ideas why?
May 5, 2005 by Martin Eden
I really like the idea of RightClick and want to be able to use it.
However, having to trigger the menu through a keyboard hotkey makes it more cumbersome - when browsing the web (or whatever) I'd have to keep one hand contantly ready to press a key combination (eg. Winkey, Alt+`). While this wouldn't be impossible, using the mouse to call up a pop-up menu is a lot more natural.

Is it possible to assign a mouse button (especially if you have a mouse with 4 or more buttons) as the hotkey for...